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Problem Solving and Decision Making (Cognitive Psychology)


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Our Problem Solving and Decision Making (Cognitive Psychology) short course will introduce you to key theories and research findings of cognitive psychology. The focus will be on how psychology understands problem solving and decision making, exploring the practical applications of the theories and research in a range of settings. We will also consider questions such as: 'Can psychology help us to become better problem solvers and decision makers?'

We plan to cover the following content:

  • Psychology theories of problem solving
  • Individual, social and situation factors that may influence problem solving
  • Human memory
  • The development of expertise
  • Creativity and its role in problem solving
  • The processes involved in making judgements
  • Complex decision making
  • Strategies for avoiding common bias and errors
  • Ethical issues

The Problem Solving and Decision Making (Cognitive Psychology) short course will be of interest to anyone interested in cognitive psychology and how it applies to real-life situations where individuals need to find solutions to simple and complex problems and the processes involved in making decisions.

This 11-week course is assessed via a coursework assignment and an in-class timed essay. If you do not want to gain credit, you can still take the course without completing assessments.

    This can be taken as a standalone short course or as a part of:

    15 credits at level 4

    • Entry requirements

      Entry requirements

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      This short course has no prerequisites.

      As part of the enrolment process, you may be required to submit a copy of a suitable form of ID.

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    • How to apply

      How to apply

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