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Student reps

School representatives

The College has supported the Union through funding five School Reps, one in each School, to act as the link between Student Representatives, the Students’ Union and the College. School Representative support student representation within the School. The School Reps also work with the Students’ Union’s Activities Coordinator to run events, activities and to support academic societies to help to enrich the student experience in each school at Birkbeck. School Reps will be recruited in October 2019 and promoted to students.

Department representatives

In 2019 the Students’ Union worked with Academic staff to elect over 150 student representatives. The representatives are elected to represent the views of students within their programmes, to ensure that the student voice is heard and changes are made. The reps are invited to sit on Student Staff Liaison Committees within the academic departments, and they have regular contact with the School Representatives. Within the first few weeks of term, all elected student representatives are invited to a training session with the Students’ Union to prepare them for their role and to ensure that they have the support they need.

Department staff-student liaison meetings

Your programme guide will include details of staff-student liaison groups in your department, and please contact the department for further details. Your key departmental contacts are available through My Birkbeck account.