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Simba Mudonzvo

BSc Computing

What was your background before coming to Birkbeck?

After my A Levels I started a law degree, but it quickly became clear that law was not for me. I was living in Guernsey at the time and an insurance role came up with a very prestigious firm. I enjoyed the glamour and the life-style to some extent – insuring helicopters and yachts in the beautiful surroundings of Guernsey – but the island’s residency policy meant that after three years I had to move on.

And so you came to London. Were you still keen on working in insurance?

I suppose, at first. I worked in insurance for six years before venturing into business with a friend in a cyber-security start-up. This was an important step in my life, highlighting my strengths and weaknesses and – most crucially – made me realise that I had a keen interest in technology and marketing. However, the realities of living in London called for greater financial security, so I reluctantly went back into insurance while I considered how to change career.

What made you choose Birkbeck?

I was sitting on the Tube one morning, wondering how I could escape insurance, when I saw an advert for Birkbeck. I realised that it would be possible for me to gain the computing and marketing qualifications I wanted, while staying in my job so I could afford to continue living in London.

What was it like working with Birkbeck Talent?

During my second year at Birkbeck, I received an email from the Birkbeck Talent team about various roles, and the ASUS one stood out as a really exciting way into a fulfilling career. The team were really helpful throughout the whole process. It can make you a bit nervous when you consider a career change, but they helped me to make my CV more relevant and even held a mock interview to think about the transferable skills I could offer the company.

What happened next?

The interview went really well and they offered me the job at ASUS almost immediately. I was absolutely thrilled and straight away I found myself working on a national advertising campaign. To have a big impact within two weeks, and see my work on London buses and the Tube was quite surreal!

What do you love about your job?

I have been with ASUS for over a year now and I have grown in confidence enough to really make the role my own. I use my theoretical knowledge from university and my own initiative to work out what is trending, market-wise, and then I apply it in the real world of business. I feel really valued and appreciated by my colleagues at ASUS, and they have always understood and appreciated that I have the commitment to my studies at Birkbeck as well.

Would you recommend Birkbeck Talent to other Birkbeck students?

I cannot stress enough what a fantastic resource Birkbeck Talent is for all Birkbeck students who are serious about a career change. If it wasn’t for Birkbeck Talent I wouldn’t have found the job I love.

"If it wasn't for Birkbeck Talent I wouldn't have found the job I love"