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Marta Sikorska

MSc Occupational Psychology

"Birkbeck Talent really care and want to understand the career aspirations of students."

Why did you choose to study at Birkbeck?

I always had my sights set on Occupational Psychology, and Birkbeck has such a great reputation in this field. I was working in talent management within strategy consulting at the time, and so being able to study at a prestigious university while still working was a huge appeal.

How did you find out about Birkbeck Talent?

I first expressed an interest in the Careers Service during my welcome week. There was a schedule of events, which included a talk about Birkbeck Talent. I thought it sounded great so I signed up to apply for jobs. Birkbeck Talent were really helpful. I met with Anisha to chat about my skills and what I was looking for in my future career, and she even reviewed my CV. The entire service seemed really genuine, like they really wanted to help.

What happened next?

I was quite selective about the roles I applied for, as I knew what I wanted. I think the most helpful thing about the whole process was when I was referred to Birkbeck Careers and Employability Service for a mock interview. I received very helpful, honest feedback, which gave me a very clear insight into my technique and what the employer would be looking for.

Birkbeck Talent found me an internship with Engage, a business specialising in employee and stakeholder engagement. This was great as it introduced me to a wonderful company, and gave me the experience and confidence I have today.

What was good about finding your role at Engage?

My role at Engage was very analytical, which meant that I had the opportunity to apply my knowledge from university to practice. I especially liked that I could practice my statistics skills. I also learnt a lot about project management which gave me the confidence to apply for my new role.

I am now working as a Senior Research Executive for ORC International. My new role has given me a lot more independence, as I am no longer an intern. I am now able to manage my own projects, and I have much more client interaction.

Would you recommend Birkbeck Talent to other students/alumni?

Yes, definitely – the Birkbeck Talent service is bespoke to each student and focused on student needs. They really care and want to understand the career aspirations of students. It was clear that they wanted to match the right students with the right job. They also keep coming back to you and never forget about you, which is different from other recruitment services.

"Birkbeck Talent really care and want to understand the career aspirations of students."