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Gina Liapati

PhD Management

Were you already working when you started your course at Birkbeck?

Yes, I was working in a restaurant to get by, to earn money to support my studies. I was desperate for a job in marketing, and had been looking for a job for almost four months. Sadly, 67 applications later, I hadn't even managed to land a single interview.

How did you hear about Birkbeck Talent?

My first contact with Birkbeck Talent was totally by chance. I attended an employability even back in October and there, I heard that the university provides this recruitment service to find students new roles that can start them on their chosen path.

What was your impression of Birkbeck Talent?

I was very pleasantly surprised by the level of support offered by Birkbeck Talent and the Careers and Employability Service. They helped me to structure my CV, offered a mock interview, and put me forward for relevant roles that had been handpicked for Birkbeck students. Birkbeck Talent helped me land my first internship less than a month after I had registered with them.

Tell us about your role at is a small startup that helps young professionals land their dream jobs - what a coincidence. Ilya Levtov, the CEO of Craft, is a truly amazing person; he believed in me and helped me believe in myself. By his side, I learnt so many new things, and I am truly thankful to him about this beneficial experience.

Where are you working now?

When I finished my internship with Craft, I approached Birkbeck Talent again. Because of the skills I had acquired, Birkbeck Talent put me forward for other marketing roles, including one with leading enterprise software company, Demandware. I am pleased to say that I am now their new Marketing Intern! The company is fantastic and I am hoping to land a permanent job here after my internship.

Would you recommend Birkbeck Talent to other students/alumni?

Yes, without a doubt! Before Birkbeck Talent, I had almost given up hope. Birkbeck Talent helped me to discover my potential, and reveal who I could really be - a successful woman who believes in herself!

"Birkbeck Talent helped me to discover my potential, and reveal who I could really be."