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Caleb Clayton

MSc Computer Science / System Analyst

Why did you choose to study at Birkbeck?

I needed to earn a living while I studied, so Birkbeck was the ideal way to do my Masters after work.

What appealed to you about Birkbeck Talent?

I really wanted to find a job that reflected my course. Birkbeck Talent allowed me to apply easily for jobs that matched my course and my skill set. They referred me to the Birkbeck Careers service who went through my CV and suggested improvements. I also had two mock interviews, which were very thorough, so I went to the real interview feeling relaxed and prepared.  I would recommend Birkbeck Talent to other students without hesitation, it is an excellent service.

What do you do now?

Birkbeck Talent found me a job as a System Analyst and Developer in the CIS department at Birkbeck College. It mainly revolves around the in-house HR and Finance systems on an Oracle Database, and it involves reporting issues and trouble-shooting.

Has your role lived up to your expectations?

Yes, it’s a perfect match! The really great thing is that I now have the chance to apply what I’ve learned through my course to real-life scenarios. For example I did a module called Data and Knowledge Management, and now I am using SQL (Structured Query Language) programming systems at work. Working at Birkbeck is also really convenient as I am working and studying in the same place.

What do you enjoy about working for Birkbeck?

Working in the CIS department at Birkbeck is great. The atmosphere is friendly and relaxed, and there is flexibility in terms of what time I come and go. This has always been important because of my studies, but is now essential as my wife has just had our first baby!

Previously I worked for two small organisations, which just didn’t have the sense of team spirit that I have here, and this job also offers greater security and possibly opportunities for promotion in the future, I hope!

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