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Anargyros Bissias

MSc Management / Business Development Intern

Why did you choose to study at Birkbeck?

For many reasons! The most important of them, is that the majority of my classmates are already at executive level because the classes take place in the evenings.  This has given me the opportunity to gain an excellent insight into the business market in London.

Why did you sign with Birkbeck Talent

When I started my course at Birkbeck, I was new to the UK and keen to gain UK business experience - Birkbeck Talent helped me to find two remarkable internships which have vastly broadened my experience and skills – the first at Demandware,  a leading eCommerce Software Platform; and the second is my current role at NearSt, an innovative start-up.

How did you learn about the UK job market?

Birkbeck Talent provided guidance and support throughout the recruitment process and referred me to Birkbeck Careers and Employability Service.  The Careers and Employability Service helped me to compose a competitive CV that would stand out, and directed me to relevant seminars which gave me invaluable knowledge about the workplace.

What did you find challenging about finding a role in the UK?

Definitely the interview process! When I applied for roles through Birkbeck Talent I was referred for mock interviews, which gave me the chance to prepare and practise for the real thing!  This was extremely helpful and the most positive aspect of Birkbeck Talent for me.

What appealed to you about the role at Near St?

I was looking for a role that would help me to develop my marketing and management skills but also to enhance my career prospects. My role at NearSt lets me do just that.  In addition, I am part of a great team which works really well together and I feel part of the mission of NearSt.

What do you like about your role?

I get an insight into the marketing strategies of an innovative start-up and an up to date knowledge of the industry trends. I have learnt a great deal about online marketing, and social media communications and management. I have had experience in marketing tools, analytics and other communication advertising techniques.

I can also apply my Birkbeck marketing and management course to real-life situations which is fantastic!

Would you recommend Birkbeck Talent to other students/alumni?

I would definitely suggest that all students take advantage of Birkbeck Talent during their studies. It’s a highly tailored recruitment service that is especially designed for Birkbeck students so they have a lot to gain.

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