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Anthony Savile

Honorary Research Fellow


"During my time as a Birkbeck Research Fellow I look forward to working on issues concerning judgment and its normatively, in particular in relation to some of the obscurities of Kant’s Critique of Judgment.  What has attracted little attention there is how the overarching link that judgment is said to provide between Understanding and Reason runs through the way in which Kant intends man to be integrated within our grasp of the world as a systematic whole. How should we understand that?

Secondly, I would like to fill out and refine some of the  material used in a recent UCL undergraduate philosophy module on Literature and Morality.  A question on which the discussion turns is whether there is any more than a purely conventional link between literary value and our ethical concerns.

A third topic to explore is whether Pierre Bayle’s famous accusation of Spinoza as a materialist has any plausibility, and if so, what consequences that would have for our understanding of the Ethics."