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Dr Emma Brooks

  • Overview



    My research focuses on the intersection between language, migration and health and the ways in which communicative features associated with superdiverse populations have the potential to affect outcomes and experience.   

    Office hours

    Office hours by appointment


    • PhD, University College London, 2020
    • MA English, Globalisation & Language Policy, University College London, 2013


  • Research


    Research interests

    • Intercultural (health) communication
    • Linguistic ethnography
    • Interactional sociolinguistics
    • Critical discourse analysis
    • English as a global language
    • ESOL teaching and learning

    Research overview

    Underpinned by a commitment to a real-world application of (socio)linguistic research, I recently had the opportunity to work with NHS colleagues to investigate the everyday lived experience of multilingual health professionals in the workplace, in the context of demographic and socioeconomic change. I welcome the chance to continue interdisciplinary conversations and research collaborations. 

  • Supervision and teaching

    Supervision and teaching


    I currently teach on several courses: Doing LCAL, Research Methods and Design, Final Year Project, Independent Literature Review, Language Teaching Research and Introduction to Applied Linguistics. 

    Teaching modules

    • Doing Languages, Cultures and Applied Linguistics (ARLL004S4)
    • Dissertation (LNLN004D7)
    • Research Methods and Design (LNLN019S7)
    • Linguistics Final Year Project (LNLN023S6)
    • Approaches to Language (Level 4) (LNLN026S4)
    • Introduction to Applied Linguistics (LNLN076S7)
    • Independent Literature Review (SSAC012S7)
    • Empirical Research Skills Training Workshop (SSAC035Z7)
    • Language Teaching Research Level 5 (SSAC037H5)
    • Intercultural Communication Final Year Project (SSAC051S6)
    • Language, Culture, and Communication (SSAC052H5)
    • Investigating Language (SSAC060H5)