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Dr Diana Stein-Wuenscher

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    Diana Stein has taught at Birkbeck since 1994.

    A graduate of Bryn Mawr College (USA) and the Institute of Archaeology (UCL), she received her doctorate in Near Eastern archaeology from Oxford University and went on to pursue post-graduate studies as an Alexander von Humboldt scholar in Germany. Her thesis on seal impressions from Nuzi in northeastern Iraq led to a specialisation in the Bronze Age cultures of the ancient Near East (Mesopotamia, Syria, Levant and Anatolia). With the support of grants and awards (APS, ASOR, BSAI), she has conducted research in the US, Europe and Iraq, and has excavated in Jordan (Tell Mazar), Syria (Tell Halawa, Tell Leilan) and southeastern Turkey (Ziyaret Tepe). Her publications include books and articles on the iconography and use of cylinder seals, Hurrian material culture and mythology, and Bronze Age chronology.