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Mr Mark Saunders

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    Mark Saunders, award winning independent documentary filmmaker, community media activist and writer.

    Founder of Despite TV, founding member of INURA (International Network for Urban Research and Action) and Spectacle, a radical media practice.

    His films, including Battle of Trafalgar (on the 1990 poll tax revolt), The Truth Lies in Rostock 93 (on the rise of fascism in East Germany), Exodus Movement of Jah People and Exodus from Babylon, (about Exodus, the utopian urban collective), have been broadcast in the UK and internationally.

    His work has been presented at Tate Britain, Institute of Contemporary Arts, National Film Theatre and the Photographer's Gallery, among others, including international festivals and TV. He has lectured internationally on urbanism and documentary and been published by Mute magazine and Routledge. See:

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