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Visiting Research Fellow award at Australian National University for Professor Ian Crawford

Professor Crawford's Fellowship at ANU will support further research into astrobiology, space exploration and the discipline of big history through a symposium.

View of earth from space.

Professor Ian Crawford has been awarded a Visiting Research Fellowship at the Humanities Research Centre at the Australian National University from July to September 2018. During this time he will be researching the social and political implications of astrobiology and space exploration.

As part of his Fellowship Ian is also organising a symposium on the relationship between astrobiology and the emerging discipline of 'big history': Expanding Worldviews: Astrobiology, Big History and the Social and Intellectual Benefits of the Cosmic Perspective. The meeting, with a range of interdisciplinary speakers, will encourage a discussion of the relationship between these themes with their cosmic and evolutionary perspectives.

Further Information

At Birkbeck, Professor Crawford conducts teaching and research in astronomy, planetary science and astrobiology. He is the Programme Director for Birkbeck's BSc Degree in Planetary Science with Astronomy

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