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Two conference keynote talks on knowledge graph querying

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Alex Poulovassilis gave invited Keynotes at ICFCA 2017 and FQAS 2017 on supporting users' querying of Knowledge Graphs. Semantic web and information extraction technologies are enabling the creation of vast knowledge repositories that store information about entities and the relationships between them. However, users are unlikely to be familiar with the full structure and content of such datasets and may need to be assisted by tools that support interactive exploration and flexible querying. 

Research at the Birkbeck Knowledge Lab is investigating techniques for automatic approximation and relaxation of users' queries over knowledge graphs, with the aim of correcting users' erroneous queries, finding additional relevant answers, and generating new queries which may return unexpected results and bring new insights.  We are also researching techniques for facilitating users' meaning-making from query results, with the aim of allowing users to incrementally query, explore, and learn from large complex knowledge graphs. 

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