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Professor Andy Carter awarded 2018 Dodson Prize for his achievements in thermochronology

Professor Carter's career-long contribution to the field and community of thermochronometry is recognised by this award.

View of the Himalayan Mountains, with research campsite in background.
Himalayan Mountain Belt

Professor of Earth Sciences, Andy Carter, has been awarded this year’s Dodson prize for his achievements in the field of thermochronology: the study of thermal evolution or the changes in Earth’s temperature over time.

The prize is awarded by the International Standing Committee on Thermochronology for extraordinary contributions to the field or to the international community of thermochronologists.

The award is in recognition of Andy Carter's service to the thermochronometry community as well as his methodological and applied research that extends from Antarctica to Asia and the Himalayan mountain belt. Many thermochronometry laboratories around the world are staffed by researchers trained by him and he continues to host and support students and academics from around the world.

Professor Carter’s research investigates how the Earth’s surface develops and deforms over different spatial and temporal scales. This work is critical to understanding climate and ecological change in the past, present and future.

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