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Postgraduate Certificate in Coaching

The Department of Organizational Psychology are pleased to announce a Postgraduate Certificate in Coaching.

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The Department of Organizational Psychology are pleased to announce a new Postgraduate Certificate in Coaching. This new Certificate delivers a progressive re-think of the way skills, practice and theory are discussed, analysed, reviewed and delivered in this field.  The design of the certificate is broad enough to give newcomers to the field an overview of the dominant paradigms; it is also in depth enough to allow significant learning to take place.

This new programme is a comprehensive overview of the field of coaching and investigates pragmatically and critically how coaching works in organizations.  Emphasis is on the interplay between theory and practice, with relationships positioned as a central paradigm.

Organizations have woken up to the fact that the ‘soft’ skills of working life are so hard, most employees need some additional perspective to help them be successful in their roles.  Coaching as an intervention to address this has grown exponentially.  Some pertinent questions remain, and need reflection on:  why has coaching emerged now?  Why is it seen to be so relevant?  How can we tell when/if it works?  Is it different from counselling and psychotherapy?  Are certain types of coaching more effective, under certain conditions, with certain people?

Consisting of three modules, an introductory module sets the scene and introduces various ranges and flavours of coaching and helping relationships, including a historical perspective of the use of relationships in the helping professions.

A second module tackles all pertinent issues that will face the contemporary coach.  From ethics and change to boundaries and defences, often overlooked topological issues are highlighted, and theory and practice fused.  Rather than looking at the coaching dyad in isolation, the main emphasis in this module is to contextual the work in the context of evidence frameworks, organizational systems and practices, and organizations as political arenas.

Finally, the certificate contains a professional development module designed to evaluate learning and aid reflexive practice.  Through case studies and client work, students have the opportunity to analyse and understand their work through a range of lenses; can allow for different interpretation; learn to use supervision effectively; explore different responses; reflect on the process of the coaching relationship.

This certificate is for people who have an interest in understanding the roles helping relationships play at work, and their impact in and out of organizations.  The course suits people who have the ability to critically reflect on their thoughts, emotions, (re)actions and behaviours.

This new programme will be available from October 2014. For more information:

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