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Professor Will Vaughan



  • Professor Vaughan is Emeritus Professor of History of Art at Birkbeck College. From 1986 to 2003 he was Professor of History of Art in the School of History of Art, Film and Visual Media. Previously he had been an Assistant Keeper at the Tate (1968-72) and a Reader at University College London (1972-86).

Research interests

    • Professor Vaughan's research interests are: Artistic Communities in London in the Nineteenth Century; British Art and national identity; Aspects of Romantic Landscape. His main area of research interest is Romanticism, particularly the art of Britain and Germany in that era.
    • He is also interested in the professional practice of art in the modern world and has published on artistic communities and related topics.
    • He has a strong interest in Computer Applications in the History of Art and was Chair of CHArt (Computers and the History of Art) from its initiation in 1986 to 2003.

Principle Publications

    • 1972  Endymion Porter and William Dobson, Tate
    • 1978 Romantic Art Thames and Hudson (revised ed. Romanticism and Art, 1994)
    • 1979 German Romanticism and English Art, Yale University Press
    • 1980 German Romantic Painting Yale University Press
    • 1989 Computers and the History of Art (ed.) Mansell Press
    • 1990 Art and the Natural World in Nineteenth Century Britain, University of Kansas Press
    • 1999 British Painting; The Golden Age, Thames and Hudson
    • 2000 Artistic Brotherhoods in the Nineteenth Century (ed. With L. Morowitz), Ashgate
    • 2002 Gainsborough, Thames and Hudson
    • 2004 Caspar David Friedrich, Phaidon
    • 2004 English Accents; Interactions with British Art c.1776 – 1855, (ed. With C.Payne), Ashgate
    • 2006  Model and Supermodel; The Artist’s Model in British Art and Culture, (ed., with Desmarais and Postle), Manchester University Press.
    • 2015 Samuel Palmer: Shadows on the Wall, Yale University Press

Principle Exhibitions

    • 1972  Caspar David Friedrich Tate
    • 1996   The Romantic Spirit in German Art (co-curator) Hayward Gallery, London
    • 1999   The Artist’s Model in British Art from Etty to Spencer, (with Martin Postle,)
    • English Heritage; Kenwood House
    • 2005   Samuel Palmer; Vision and Landscape (Principal curator) British Museum and Metropolital Musuem of Art, New York)