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Free Student visa application checking service

Available to Birkbeck students and unconditional offer holders, our Student route visa application checking service is designed to help you with your Student visa application made from the UK. 

What this service offers

Our immigration adviser can:

  • explain the application process
  • help you to minimise a risk of a refusal, for example, check your supporting documentation and Student route visa application made from the UK
  • help you to write supporting letters if necessary
  • track the progress of your application.

You will need to provide all of the supporting documents that are required for your visa application.

Want to book this service?

  • All eligible students will be referred to the service during the CAS issuing process
  • Submit a meeting request through ASK (you can do this by selecting ‘Other’ and providing your details) 

Please note that an adviser cannot check your visa application without making a prior arrangement.