Leonardo da Vinci Society Newsletter

editor:  Francis Ames-Lewis


Issue 1,  November 1992


This is the first issue of a new Newsletter, which will be circulated to all members of the Leonardo da Vinci Society of Great Britain.  In this Newsletter we aim to continue the excellent service that Patricia Trutty-Coohill has for many years offered to anyone interested in Leonardo da Vinci studies through her widely-distributed Newsletter for Leonardisti.  We hope to produce two issues of our Newsletter each year.   The frequency with which issues appear will, however, depend in large part on how much material the Editor receives for publication.   We will continue to list new publications of interest to Leonardisti, and we are, and will continue to be, deeply indebted to Patricia Trutty-Coohill, Max Marmor, Mauro Guerrini and others whose on-line and other bibliographical listings are an essential foundation to our aspiration of providing a more-or-less comprehensive listing of new Leonardo literature.  But we hope also to publish brief reports of lectures, seminars, symposia and conferences, brief reviews of exhibitions and other events, and short reviews of books or important journal articles.   We will actively seek such reports for publication, but the Editor will also welcome submissions from Leonardo da Vinci Society members.  Please send such material, and any other items of news and information for publication in the Newsletter, to Francis Ames-Lewis, at Birkbeck College, 43 Gordon Square, London WC1H.0PD, UK.


Recent and forthcoming events


The Leonardo da Vinci Society has sponsored two lectures since the last Newsletter was published. In 1991 Enzo Macagno spoke on 'Leonardo's studies of water'.  On 5 June 1992 Stephen Farthing (artist-in residence at the Hayward Gallery Leonardo da Vinci - Artist - Scientist - Inventor exhibition), Ruskin Master of Drawing, Oxford, delivered the 1992 annual lecture on '"A Cloudburst of Material Possessions"'.  

On 31 January 1992, the Society, in association with the Society for Renaissance Studies, presented a symposium on 'Art and Science in the Italian Renaissance: Technological themes' in which N.A.F. Smith (Imperial College, London) spoke on 'Some problems with the pump', Paolo Galluzzi on 'Fifteenth-century machinery in Siena', Sir John Hale on 'The Art and Technology of Warfare', Richard Schofield on 'Leonardo: structure and architecture', and G.R. Hollister-Short (Imperial College, London) on 'Newcomen's engine of 1712 and its Leonardian antecedentsÕ.


Two Letture Vinciane have been held since the last issue of the Newsletter for Leonardisti.  The lectures are sponsored by the city of Vinci, at the Biblioteca Leonardiana.  In 1991, Luisa Cogliati Arano lectured on 'Leonardo e la rappresentazione della terza etˆ', and in 1992, James Beck spoke about 'I sogni di Leonardo da Vinci.'  At the Tredicesima giornata leonardiana (Centro ricerche leonardiane, Brescia) on 6 April 1991, Kim Veltman spoke on 'Struttura e metodo nei manoscritti di Leonardo', and Mauro Guerrini on 'Premio Nando de Toni per la diffusione e la Leonardo da Vinci'.


The next Leonardo da Vinci Society symposium in the 'Art and Science in the Italian Renaissance' series will be held on Friday 29 January 1993, at the Warburg Institute, London.   The theme will be 'Maps and Mapping', and the following papers will be presented:  Thomas Frangenberg (University of Leicester), 'Why did sixteenth-century tourists not use city maps?', Stephen Johnston (Science Museum, London), 'Maps and mathematical practitioners in sixteenth-century England', Michael Bury (University of Edinburgh), 'Maps of the Near East', Martin Clayton (Royal Library, Windsor), 'An Introduction to Leonardo's Maps', and Francesca Fiorani (University of Rome), 'Egnazio Danti's Maps in the Vatican'.


The Society's 1993 Annual Lecture will be delivered by Carmen Bambach Cappel, of Fordham University, New York, on 28 May 1993.   Her theme will be Leonardo and portraiture.  We hope to have short reports on both these Society events in forthcoming issues of this Newsletter.


Publications received


Any publications sent to the Editor wil be briefly reviewed in these columns.  Publications recently received are:


1.  Biblioteca Comunale Leonardiana, Vinci.  Mauro Guerrini ed., Biblioteca leonardiana, 1493-1989.  Prefaces by Augusto Marinoni and Carlo Pedretti.  3 volumes.  Milan, Editrice bibliografica, 1990. In volume I, Mauro Guerrini lists both primary material - editions of Leonardo da Vinci's writings - and all studies on Leonardo and related subjects. Volumes II and III consist of indices (of authors, titles, series, places of publication, and subjects), to ensure that the bibliography will be as flexible and easy to use as possible. This monumental bibliography is a remarkable information resource which will fast become an essential reference work for Leonardo students.


2.  Copies of a number of publications by Enzo and Matilde Macagno.  These are:

(a) by Enzo Macagno: 'Multichannel Tabulation of the Notes on Flow in the French Manuscripts of Leonardo da Vinci, Raccolta Vinciana XXII, 1987, 213-38, 'La Nocion de Presion en la Mecanica de Fluidos Vinciana', Raccolta Vinciana XXII, 1987, 239-63, 'Experimentation, Analogy and Paradox in Leonardo da Vinci', Raccolta Vinciana XXIII, 1989, 205-36, Leonardian Fluid Mechanics in the Manuscript I, Iowa City (Iowa Institute of Hydraulic Research) 1989, Leonardian Fluid Mechanics: I - History of Kinematics, II - Inception of Modern Kinematics, Iowa City (Iowa Institute of Hydraulic Research) 1991, and 'Some remarkable experiments of Leonardo da Vinci', La Houille Blanche 1991, 463-71.

(b) by Matilde Macagno: 'Geometry in Motion in the Manuscripts of Leonardo da Vinci', Raccolta Vinciana XXIV, 1992, 277-326, and 'Aqua depicta: Representations of water in art and science', La Houille Blanche 1992, 371-9. In these monographs and articles, Enzo and Matilde Macagno pursue their work on aspects of the history of experimental investigation into the movement and flow in fluids, from the time of Leonardo da Vinci onwards. Much of the research is specific to Leonardo's own explorations of these questions, as recorded in his notebooks. These works initiate or continue series of publications by each scholar, and can be seen as episodes in the further elucidation of Leonardo's activities in this field.


Janis C. Bell, Kenyon College, Gambier, Ohio, has written with information of forthcoming publications: 'Color perspective, 1492', ALV 1992, 'Aristotle as a Source for Leonardo's ideas about Colour Perspective', Journal of the Warburg and Courtauld Institutes 1993, and 'Light and Color in Caravaggio's Supper at Emmaus', Artibus et Historia 1993 (including discussion of Leonardo's colour theory and practice).



Recent Publications


More books, exhibition catalogues and periodical articles of interest to Leonardisti have been published in the period since the last edition of the Newsletter for Leonardisti than can be listed in this first issue of the Leonardo da Vinci Society Newsletter.   We have therefore to hold over to a future issue a list of relevant articles published in periodicals other than the Achademia Leonardi Vinci, of which a contents list for the last three volumes is given here.



1. Facsimile

- Pedretti, Carlo, I disegni di Leonardo da Vinci e della sua cerchia nella Biblioteca Reale di Torino; presented by Carlo Pedretti, with a facsimile reproduction of the unedited 'Disegni d'Architettura Militare di Leonardo da Vinci' (MS. Saluzzo 312). Florence (Giunti) 1990.


2. Books

- Ames-Lewis, Francis, ed.  Nine lectures on Leonardo da Vinci.  London (Department of History of Art, Birkbeck College) 1990.

- Antaloczy, Zoltan. Tudomany es muveszet: Leonardo da Vinci anatomiai ajzai. Budapest (Medicina) 1989.

- Batkin, Leonid M.  Leonardo da Vinci.  Bari (Laterza) 1988.  Translated from the Russian ed. (1988).

- Berdini, Franco.  La Gioconda chi ?.  Rome (TOMO edizioni) 1989.

- Biblioteca Comunale Leonardiana (Vinci).  Bibliotheca leonardiana, 1493-1989.  ed. Mauro Guerrini; with prefaces by Augusto Marinoni and Carlo Pedretti.  3 vols. Milan (Editrice bibliografica) 1990.

- Biblioteca Reale (Turin).  From Leonardo to Rembrandt: drawings from the Royal Library of Turin.  ed. Gianni Carlo Sciolla;  catalogue by Sylvie BŽguin et al., Turin (Allemandi) 1990.

- Brambilla Barcilon, Pinin and Pietro C. Marani.  Le lunette di Leonardo nel refettorio delle Grazie  [Quaderni del restauro 7].  Milan (Olivetti) 1990. 

- Bramly, Serge.  Leonardo: discovering the life of Leonardo da Vinci.  New York (Harper Collins) 1991. [Translated from the French].

- Brown, David Alan.  Madonna Litta.   [Lettura vinciana 29: the lecture delivered on 15 April 1989]. Florence (Giunti Barbera) 1990.

- Caroli, Flavio. Leonardo: studi di fisiognomica. Milano (Leonardo) 1990.

- Conti, Angelo.  Leonardo pittore.  Reprint. ed. [Variatio: Testi inediti e rari di letteratura italiana 3].  Padua (Programma) 1990.

- Dutton, Katherine Sydney, The other side of Kenneth Clark's "Leonardo da Vinci: an account of his development as an artist": an analysis of his approach to art history.  Ph.D. Dissertation, Michigan State University, 1989.

- Farago, Claire J.  Leonardo da Vinci's Paragone: a critical interpretation with a new edition of the text in the Codex Urbinas.    [Brill's studies in intellectual history 25]. Leiden/New York (E. J. Brill) 1991.

- Fiorio, Maria Teresa and Pietro C. Marani.  I leonardeschi a Milano: fortuna e collezionismo.  Milan (Electa) 1991.

- Galluzzi, Paolo, Leonardo e i proporzionanti.  [Lettura vinciana 28: the lecture of 16 April 1988]. Florence (Giunti Barbera) 1989.

- Hager, Serafina, ed. Leonardo, Michelangelo, and Raphael in Renaissance Florence, 1500-1508. [Papers from symposium sponsored by Georgetown University and held at the Charles Augustus Strong Center at Villa Le Balze in Fiesole, 14 June 1989].  Washington, D.C. (Georgetown University Press) 1991.

- Hermitage (Leningrad), Da Leonardo a Tiepolo: collezioni italiane dell'Ermitage di Leningrado.  [Catalogue of the exhibition, Palazzo Reale, Milan, 6 June - 30 September 1990, with an essay by Irina Artemeva]. Milan (Electa) 1990.

- Huyghe, Edith and RenŽ.  Leonard de Vinci: le cheval et la puissance. Lausanne (Caracole/Favre) 1988.

- Kemenov, Vladimir Semenovich.  Khudozhestvennoe nasledie i sovremennost: ot Leonardo da Vinci do Rokuella Kenta. Moscow (Izobrazitelnoe iskusstvo) 1989.

- Marani, Pietro C.  Leonardo: catalogo completo dei dipinti. [I gigli dell'arte 1]. Florence (Cantini) 1989.

- ____.  Leonardo e i leonardeschi nei musei della Lombardia.  Milan (Electa) 1990.

- Maschat, Herbert.  Leonardo da Vinci und die Technik der Renaissance.  [Technik- und Wissenschaftsforschung 9]. Munich (Profil) 1989.

- McLanathan, Richard B. K.  Leonardo da Vinci.  New York [Abrams] 1990.

- Monari-Lipira, Francesca.  Alberti and Leonardo, theory and practice in the Italian Renaissance. Ph.D. dissertation, State University of New York, Stony Brook, 1984. [Available through University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Michigan].

- Shell, Janice, with David Alan Brown and Pinin Brambilla Barcilon. Giampetrino e una copia cinquecentesca dell'Ultima Cena di Leonardo. [Quaderni del restauro 4]. Milan (Olivetti) 1988. .

- Vezzosi, Alessandro, ed.  Attualita e mito: [Leonardo da Vinci [=Aktualaitas es mitosz],  Florence (Arkos)/Budapest (Museo Ideale) 1991. [Exhibition catalogue:  Hungarian-Italian text].

-____.  Il sigillo dei Vinci. [Vinci e Leonardo 1]. Vinci (Strumenti-memoria del territorio) 1989. 

-Villa, Roberta.  Leonardo.  Milan (Mondadori) 1991.

- Wermke, Jutta.  Die Bildbeschreibung, eine Frage des Standpunkts: literaturaesthetische und -didaktische Diskussion am Beispiel von da Vincis "Abendmahl". [Forschungen zur Literatur- und Kulturgeschichte 20]. Frankfurt a. M./ New York (P. Lang) 1989.



3. Achademia Leonardi Vinci


In this first issue of the new Newsletter we list the contents of volumes 2, 3, and 4 of Achademia Leonardi Vinci.  This major periodical devoted to Leonardo da Vinci studies, also known as the ALV Journal, is edited by Carlo Pedretti and appears annually.   Three volumes have been published since the last hard-copy issue of the Newsletter for Leonardisti.  The following are the contents, listed in the order in which they appear:


Volume II, 1989:

Carlo Pedretti, 'A Proem to Sculpture';  Alessandro Parronchi, 'Nuove proposte per Leonardo scultore'; Richard Schofield, 'Amadeo, Bramante and Leonardo and the tiburio of Milan Cathedral'; Dawson Kiang, 'Gasparo Visconti's Pasitea and the Sala delle Asse'; Jack Wasserman, 'A Florentine "Last Supper" Sketch: a Question of Gesture'; Arturo Bassi, 'Appendix: Civitali'; Constantine C. Pepinashvili (translated by Herbert Marshall), 'The "Last Supper". A Cine-montage Breakdown'; Francesco P. Di Teodoro, 'Stupenda e dannosa maraviglia'; Carlo Pedretti, 'The mock Sepulchre', 'Leonardo as Sculptor. A Bibliography', 'The forgotten Bogus' and 'Gleanings'; Patricia Trutty-Coohill, 'The Formation of American Collections of Drawings by Leonardo and His Circle' and 'Appendix: The Gardner Drawing'; Carlo Pedretti, 'Leonardo at the StŠdel Museum'; Paolo Niccolo Rossi, 'L'eterno viandante' and 'A Chronicle of Events, 1988'; Mauro Guerrini, 'Biblioteca Leonardiana'  Carlo Pedretti, 'Previews'; Luisa Cogliati Arano, 'Two Angels from the Del Maino Workshop'.


Volume III, 1990:

Herbert Marshall, 'Sergei M. Eisenstein on Leonardo's "Deluge"'; Enrique Hauser, 'Appendix: The Hazelnut Book'; Carlo Pedretti, 'The final shot'; Broydrick Thro, 'Leonardo's Space from Relative to Absolute E'; Carlo Vecce, 'La Gualanda'; Patricia Trutty-Coohill, 'The Bowling Green Mona Lisa';  Pier Marco De Santi, 'La Gioconda rubata: "Tu non saprai giammai perche sorrido"'; Carlo Pedretti, '"Nec ense"'; Enrique Hauser, 'The Leonardo Addiction of Jean-Michel Basquiat' and 'Franco Bulletti. Beyond Graffiti'; Ellen Kaplan, 'D'Annunzio on Leonardo's inner life'; Irina Costache, 'Mona Lisa and the Futurists'; Carlo Pedretti, 'Land Art before 1515'; Robert H. Gray '"Tunc and Nunc"'; Stefano Giraldi, 'The Bacchereto Twelve'; Ellen Kaplan, '"Macchia" and Photography'; Alessandro Vezzosi, 'The "Criminal Painter"'; Carlo Pedretti, 'Leonardo's Modernity. A Bibliography'; Constance J. Moffatt, '"Duca di Bari"'; Carmen Bambach Cappel, 'Pounced Drawings in the Codex Atlanticus'; Patricia Trutty-Coohill, 'The Spanish Connection'; Bernard Barryte, 'The Ill-Matched Couple';  Sebastian di Girolamo Armanet, 'Estudio del Palacio dibujado por Leonardo en el folio 16 recto del Codice B';  Carlo Pedretti, 'Gleanings', 'Events' and 'The Dots on the Eyes'.


Volume IV, 1991:

I.  Leonardo Studies:  John F. Moffitt, 'The "Evidentia" of Curling Waters and Whirling Winds: Leonardo's "Ekphraseis" of the Latin Weatherman'; Carlo Pedretti, 'The "Angel in the Flesh"' (with Appendix: 'The Phallic Head'); Alessandro Parronchi, 'Inganni d'ombre'; Tatiana Kustodieva, 'Leonardeschi dell'Ermitage'; Carmen Bambach Cappel, 'Leonardo, Tagliente, and Durer: "La scienza del far di groppi"' and 'Foreshortened Letters'; Carmen Bambach Cappel and Lucy Whitaker, 'The Lost Knots'; Richard Schofield, 'Leonardo's Milanese Architecture: Career, Sources, and Graphic Techniques'; Francesco P. Di Teodoro, 'Le "rotture de' muri": cause, rimedi, prevenzioni'; Martin Kemp, 'Christo fanciullo'; Frank Zollner, 'Rubens Reworks Leonardo: "The Fight for the Standard"'.

II Bibliography and Documents: Giovanni  P. Galdi, 'Leonardo's Helicopter and Archimedes' Screw: The Principle of Action and Reaction'; Dawson Kiang, 'The "Enigma of the Dice". A Bramante Sonnet published by Lomazzo'; Pietro C. Marani, 'Una "Madonna Litta" tedesca?'; Carlo Pedretti, 'Leonardo & Dante', 'Leonardo and the Antique. A Bibliography' (annotated) and 'Gleanings'; Francesco P. Di Teodoro, 'Il Maestro di Traiano'; Carlo Vecce, 'Focoso cadrega'.

Carlo Pedretti states that "because of the special nature of its contents, the present volume required more pages than usual. This is an exception. The average length for a paper is fifteen typed pages (double space) including footnotes, and some ten illustrations."  He also asks Leonardisti to consider sending short items for the 'Gleanings'. Achademia Leonardi Vinci is now being indexed in BHA, the Bibliography of the History of Art (the new title for RILA).  The first volume of the journal is indexed in BHA vol. I no.3, which has recently been published. This should help to make the journal better known.  Members who would like to subscribe to the ALV Journal should write to:  Giunti Publishing Group, Via Vincenzo Gioberti 34, 50121 Firenze, Italy. Telephone (055) 66791 ­Telefax (055) 667713.


A review article on the recent 'Leonardo e Venezia' exhibition at the Palazzo Grassi, Venice, was published in The Art Newspaper, April 1992, 13.



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