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Submitting your thesis without anxiety

Venue: Online

A walk through the administrative process of the research degree examination at Birkbeck.

Aims and objectives
The aims of this session are to explain how the research degree examination process works. Staff from the Birkbeck Graduate Research School will give an overview of the process and answer any questions that arise.

  • How do you initiate the process for submission?
  • How do you submit your thesis?
  • How are examiners appointed?
  • What happens after the viva?
  • When do you submit your final thesis copies for the library?
  • Who should you contact if you have any questions?

Who is this event for?

The event is for all Birkbeck Postgraduate Research Students, but especially those who intend to submit their thesis for examination within the next six months.

Session lead
The session will be led by Ian Magor from the BGRS.

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