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Film and Fair Dealing Workshop

Venue: Birkbeck 43 Gordon Square

The Fair Dealing conference will take place on Friday 24th November 2017 at Birkbeck Cinema, 43 Gordon Square, London WC1H 0PD, from 10am to 5pm followed by a drinks reception.

Free, book here.

Thinking and writing about images is innate to academic practice in the humanities and beyond, as is disseminating this criticism and analysis as a research output. But academics and practitioners commenting on visual material often find themselves in a difficult or expensive situation when it comes to reproducing the images themselves. Reproduction rights and license fees can be prohibitive to publication or exhibition. The legal defence of fair dealing 'for criticism and review purposes' is largely untested. This leads to a climate of uncertainty for authors, both of books and of audiovisual works, who must operate in a grey area of copyright law in order to make their research public.

By bringing together academics, practitioners and stakeholders this conference aims to facilitate frank discussion and clear pathways for future research practice and dissemination in the humanities. The issues raised have an impact on any researcher working with material created by third parties, from a PhD student seeking to publish an article containing artworks or diagrams, to a lecturer using a film excerpt in a presentation, to an academic or filmmaker conducting a critical reading of another work. In this digital age, when both materials and platforms are easy to access, what is the correct approach to reproducing material responsibly


  • The Concept of Copyright in Art
  • What is Fair?
  • Working with Fair Dealing


  • Sergio Angelini (Learning on Screen)
  • Henrique Carvalho (Law, Birkbeck)
  • Professor Ronan Deazely (Law, Queen's University Belfast)
  • Professor Steve Edwards (History of Art, Birkbeck)
  • Professor John Gibbs (Film, University of Reading; editor Movie: A Journal of Film Criticism)
  • Professor Catherine Grant (Film and Critical Studies, Birkbeck; editor inTransition)
  • Bernard Horrocks (Head of IP, Tate Galleries)
  • Simon Lackie (The Design and Artists Copyright Society)
  • Dr Grischka Petri (History of Art, University of Bonn/University of Glasgow)
  • Richard Taylor (DLA Piper LLA; broadcaster on copyright)

Contact name:

Contact phone: 020 7631 6115