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Workshop 2: Local Communities and Social Media

Venue: Birkbeck Main Building, Malet Street

There is no distinction between ‘offline’ and ‘online.’ We don’t go ‘on’ digital media platforms, they are highly integrated with our daily lives and routines. This means that when we think about combating digital harms, we need to begin by thinking holistically about the communities we serve. If we begin from the understanding that digital media is deeply integrated in the daily lives of the communities we serve, how does that shape or change the work we do? 

Opening Speakers 


Annie Kelly, Journalist and researcher

Dr. Rohit Dasgupta, Senior Lecturer in Cultural Industries at the University of Glasgow and Councillor for Canning Town South 

Cllr Mumtaz Khan, Councillor for Green Street West


Liam Shrivastava, Communications Officers at the Institute for Race Relations

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