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Films from the Hidden Persuaders archive: Thinking About Fanon and the Mind in 2022

Venue: Birkbeck 43 Gordon Square

Films from the Hidden Persuaders Archive: Thinking About Fanon and the Mind in 2022
Tuesday May 17th 6pm

Screening and Discussion

Re-Reading Fanon (65 minutes)


"Re-reading Fanon” is a documentary by Nasheed Qamar Faruqi (edited by Yann Heckmann) about one filmmaker’s journey to understand Frantz Fanon’s clinical, political and philosophical writing. Fanon (1925-1961) was a practicing psychiatrist and one of the Twentieth Century’s most influential post-colonial thinkers. The documentary features conversations with psychoanalysts and scholars including Robert J.C. Young and Jean Khalfa, who edited a volume of Fanon’s previously unpublished work in 2018. It also features thinkers who have expanded and been heavily influenced by Fanon: Achille Mbembe , Samia Khatun, Fakhry Davids, Stephen Frosh, Lisa Guenther and Daniel Pick.

The screening will be followed by a discussion with the filmmaker and contrIbutors, led by Dr Shruti Kapila, Associate Professor of Indian History and Global Political Thought University of Cambridge. Fellow, Tutor and Director of Studies, Corpus Christi College, Cambridge. The attendance of Dr Jean Khalfa and Professor Robert Young was tbc at the time of writing.


Screening as Part of

Films from the Hidden Persuaders archive

May 2022, Birkbeck Cinema


BIMI presents a series of documentaries on hidden persuasion, mass influence, psychiatry and politics, and psychological control. The films were made for Birkbeck’s Hidden Persuaders project, a Wellcome Trust funded initiative which investigated the history of the psy professions and ideas around covert influence and mind control during the Cold War.

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