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Becoming and Hiring a Non-Executive Director (NED) – Everything you Need to Know

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Are you a business owner considering bringing a Non-Executive Director on board? Are you exploring the possibility of becoming a Non-Executive Director?

This panel event will provide you with valuable insights from both sides of the relationship – the business and the NED.

Join the discussion to hear from businesses who have benefited from bringing NEDs on board as well as those in a NED role.

Find out their tips, advice and experiences and get your questions answered.

This event is taking place in Birkbeck's new teaching building on 373 Euston Road. Full joining instructions will be sent by email one week before the event. Please make sure you book your place to receive the joining instructions.


Andrew Hammond

Andrew is an experienced Executive and Non-Executive Director working in Charity, Commercial and Public sectors. He spent his early career establishing a National Awareness Charity, and his journey has included Advertising and being Managing Director of Royal Mails stamp business where he spearheaded the campaign around the London Olympics – he still feels a sense of pride when passing a gold post-box! He  is now Chief Executive of Instructus, an education charity working in skills development, personal development and apprenticeships, and has recently been appointed as Non Exec Director to the NHS Northamptonshire Integrated Care board. Andrew has held a number of NED positions, including Audit Chair, and has experience of Corporate, public, and SME board environments. 

Patrick McCrae

Entrepreneur focussing on arts sector business with economic longevity and positive social impact. Great interest in how arts businesses can do good, give people purpose and be profitable.

Built and runs ARTIQ, a multi-million pound international art business. Set up in 2009 aged 21, opened new markets in 18 countries and diversified business across 11 industries. Built and grew artist and product representation from nothing to a roster of thousands of artists across multiple cultures and multiple disciplines resulting in millions paid to artists and makers.

Mentor and investor to businesses and founders. Significant commercial expertise across leadership, long-term business resilience, fiscal business planning, internal/external marketing and communication, sales, market-making, HR and PR.

Claud Williams

Claud Williams is an award-winning entrepreneur, board member, and executive coach. He is the founder of the personal development tech start-up Dream Nation, which has impacted the lives of thousands of young adults across the UK while working with a number of great organisations such as Google, Barclays, and Cambridge University. Claud sits on the board of several organisations including two NHS Trusts, Hexagon Housing Association, the UK regulator for alcohol promotion and is chairman of a small charity. He has governance responsibility for more than 5,300 members of staff, 158,000 customers and service users, £435m in revenue and £1.3bn in assets. Additionally, Claud also serves as an ambassador for the British Dyslexia Association and the Aleto foundation, while also consulting business via Birkbeck University.

Karen Hands

Karen Hands has recently completed the Exceptional NED Programme at Leeds University Business School. She has built a wealth of experience as a voluntary NED in education and the environment, where she now Chairs a Strategic HR Committee and has steered the appointment of critical management roles and new Trustees. She is expanding her reputation on SME boards, acting as Board advisor for a family-run engineering business and for a high-growth drinks manufacturer. A chemical engineer by background, she's an Associate Fellow of Oxford University Saïd Business School and head tutor for an online Women's Leadership Development online programme at 2U GetSmarter. Karen is a serial entrepreneur and part of the Women Angels of the North syndicate of women investing in women. This recent feedback from a client is a deceptively simple statement, coming from a stressed-out founder overcoming typical setbacks: "You always make me feel better and more positive Karen, thank you!"

Judit Seymour

Judit is a non-executive director operating in public sector (law enforcement, healthcare), private sector (financial services) and third sector (Higher Education and Further Education) organisations. Her aim is to use her skills and experience as a former barrister, financial services risk professional and governance specialist in organisations undergoing massive change and to find answers to wicked problems. She is driven to see positive change in communities and by constant learning – recently completing an MBA from Birkbeck/UAL. When not working, she can be found running or knitting.

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