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Earth and Planetary Sciences Taster

Venue: Online

Find out directly from the department of Earth and Planetary Sciences the unique offer of distance learning and on campus teaching across our Undergraduate and Certificate programmes.

During this session, you'll discover more about our degree through three mini lectures from our academics including 'Protecting society from earthquakes using contributions from geology, geography, physics, and chemistry' and 'Meteorites and the stories they can tell us' set in our cutting-edge teaching facilities. 

Our courses include:

Earth History and Palaentology (Certificate in Higher Education)
Geology (Certificate in Higher Education)
Planetary Sciences with Astronomy (Certificate Higher Education)

Environmental Geology (BSc)
Earth Sciences (BSc)
Geology (BSc)
Planetary Science with Astronomy (BSc)

Geology (Graduate Certificate)
Environmental Geology (Graduate Certificate)
Planetary Sciences (graduate Certificate)


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