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PeopleWise Positive Reslience Webinar

Venue: Birkbeck Main Building, Malet Street

About the event

In collaboration with Birkbeck careers department, PeopleWise is offering an exciting opportunity for students to complete a Positive Resilience psychometric and attend a webinar to learn top tips and skills that will help you cope and thrive in today’s challenging times.


To participate in this event and receive a personalised, free psychometric report, students will need to commit to completing the additional research questionnaire.


Brief Synopsis

Today we face a global crisis, punctuated by uncertainty and global challenge. Amidst the chaos of this disrupted world there are skills and characteristics that you can employ to be the very best that you can at this time.


Join this webinar, led by Rosie Hancock (Business Consultant at PeopleWise), to understand more about Positive Resilience and explore techniques that will enable you to be more comfortable with the unknown and be able to harness pressure and disruption to thrive, not just survive. 



How do I join?

To participate in this webinar, and receive your own personalised Positive Resilience Profiler report, you are required to participate in an additional research questionnaire. You will receive your psychometric report after the webinar.


·       Step 1: Complete your own Positive Resilience Profiler psychometric by following this link (you will need to sign up to Enable and verify your account):


·       Step 2: Complete the research by following this link (you will need to use the same email account):


·       Step 3: Attend the webinar by following this link and using password:


Who is Peoplewise?

Peoplewise is a global leader in talent management and business psychology. Our mission is to develop the potential of people, transforming individuals, teams and organisational cultures from the inside out to achieve sustainable and strategic business growth.

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