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Just look the other way "Job seekers' reactions to the irresponsibility of market-dominant employers"

Venue: Online

Join Birkbeck's Responsible Business Centre for a research seminar exploring job seekers reactions to the irresponsibility of market-dominant employers. The event will be taking place online on Wednesday 27 October 2021.


Dr Benedetta Crisafulli, Senior Lecturer in Marketing at Birkbeck, University of London


We examine job seekers’ reactions to a market-dominant employer that has suffered from a case of Corporate Social Irresponsibility (CSI). In two experiments with participants actively looking for employment at the time of study, we tested a model of moderated mediation examining how market dominance and CSI influence perceived employer ethicality and perceived employer competence. This is the first study to explore how job seekers react to potential employers that are dominant in a market but have suffered from a CSI incident.

The study identifies the boundary conditions that explain why sometimes market-dominant employers can emerge relatively unscathed in the eyes of job seekers following CSI. The research opens important managerial implications concerning the recruitment efforts of organizations that have suffered from CSI.


Dr Benedetta Crisafulli is Senior Lecturer in Marketing at Birkbeck, University of London. Benedetta’s research is in three main streams of work – (1) CSR, circularity and social innovations, (2) consumer emotions towards brands, and (3) the psychology of consumers during situations of brand crisis and failure. She has published in highly ranked, peer-reviewed journals in marketing, including Journal of Service Research, Journal of Business Ethics, Psychology & Marketing, and Journal of Business Research.

Benedetta studied in Italy, Germany and UK, where she worked in the private sector prior to joining academia. She is currently involved in consultancy projects working with companies in a variety of sectors, including hospitality, retail, FMCG and healthcare. She is a Teaching Fellow of the UK Higher Education Academy (HEA), and holds visiting positions at other European business schools.


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