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Capitalism and the Sea: Origins, Connections, Divergences

Venue: Birkbeck Main Building

This in-person workshop aims to serve as a starting-point for a wider critical discussion on the relationship between capitalism and the sea. Scholars with varied historical, disciplinary and regional specialisms will explore connections and divergences between different aspects of the global economy and the world's oceans. Beyond the well-established role of the sea in inter-connecting markets and peoples, or provincialising Eurocentric accounts of global history, the workshop aims to encourage cross-disciplinary reflections on ships, ports, islands and shorelines as distinctive sites in the reproduction (or indeed subversion) of capitalist social relations. This emphasis on places of social interaction where maritime networks are reproduced, offers as a distinctive vantage-point for a consideration of multiple historical, geographical, socio-economic, cultural and legal-diplomatic dimensions of the relationship between markets and the maritime world.

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