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Centre for Medieval and Early Modern Worlds - Current Research

Venue: Online

Come and hear about what staff and students at Birkbeck's Centre for Medieval and Early Modern Worlds are working on and take part in current research discussions.


Sarah Birt: 'Shops and Shopping in Early Modern Westminster'.

Susan James: ‘Spinoza and Poetry’.

Brodie Waddell: 'What can you do with 2,526 petitions? Creating, using and sharing a new digital corpus of transcribed manuscripts'.

Contact name:

  • Dr Brodie Waddell -

    Brodie Waddell is currently working on an AHRC and Economic History Society-funded project on petitions and petitioning in early modern England

     Twitter: @Brodie_Waddell

  • Dr Sarah Birt -

    Sarah Birt recently completed her PhD in the department of History, Classics and Archaeology at Birkbeck, University of London and is an Honorary Research Fellow in that department. She is currently researching shops on the strand in the early modern period, a project funded by the Women's History Network (2020-2021).

    Twitter: @SarahBirt

  • Prof Susan James -

    Susan James' recent research has focused on 17th century philosophy, particularly the work of Margaret Cavendish and Spinoza, and ranges over seventeenth-century metaphysics, epistemology, psychology, ethics, gender and politics. Her latest book, 'Spinoza on Learning to Live Together' (2020) is about how these areas of knowledge contribute to the overall philosophical project of living well.