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Guardians of Sleep Project: Dreaming Under Covid

Venue: Online

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This event will present initial reflections on an oral testimony project conducted in partnership with the Museum of Dreams (Canada), the Museum of London (UK), and with members of the Department of Psychosocial Studies. Taking inspiration from Sigmund Freud’s description of dreams as the guardians of sleep, we spoke with Londoners about how the pandemic has affected their dream-life. The conversations furnished rich and poignant evidence for the ways dreams are a crucial psychical process for working through social crisis. We will present signal material from the testimonies as well as reflect on the nature of the intersubjective encounter — the way these conversations transformed our understanding of both disclosure (of the self) and listening (to the other).

Sharon Sliwinski is the creator and editor of the Museum of Dreams, and professor of Information & Media Studies at Western University in Canada. She is the author of Dreaming in Dark Times (2017), Human Rights In Camera (2011), and co-editor, with Shawn Michelle Smith, of Photography and the Optical Unconscious (2017). She will be in conversation with Amber Jacobs of the Department of Psychosocial Studies.

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