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Science Saturdays 2021: Mind the Mind

Venue: Online

Mind the Mind

All in the mind: the biology and culture of psychiatric disorders- a talk by Dr Simon Green

Withstand the storm: Making resilience work for you! - a talk by Dr Ute Liersch

Our 2021 programme of free online science talks will be open to a global audience and live-streamed to Birkbeck's YouTube channel on Saturday mornings throughout May - use this YouTube link to join the session at 10.30 am.

These talks are part of 2021’s Science Saturdays, which is a joint event between Me, Human and Birkbeck - view the full programme.

Note: Speaker talks (excluding panel and question and answer sessions) will be recorded and may be used by Birkbeck for marketing and publicity in our publications, on our website and in social media and in third party publications.

(If you have an event query that you need answered on Thursday or Friday, please contact Dr Gilly Forrester.)

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