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EduBeing: A pilot programme of well-being for pre-service teachers in the USA and the UK

Venue: Online

Advances in technology benefit teacher education by increasing access for teachers to participate in self-directed learning experiences that promote global collaboration. This pilot study addresses the use of EduBeing to initiate an online learning community between universities in the United States and the United Kingdom engaged in teacher preparation. We report on the pedagogical design of the platform and the impact EduBeing had in educating preservice teachers about the dimensions of well-being. Recommendations are shared for how similar platforms can be used by educational stakeholders to enhance well-being for the retention and mental health of our teachers worldwide. 


Alesia Mickle Moldavan, Ph.D. is an Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education in the Graduate School of Education at Fordham University. Her research interests include digital technology and equity-based teaching practices that promote cultural awareness and support justice-oriented advocacy in mathematics teacher education. 

Chris Edwards-Leis is an Associate Professor in Education and leads the Post Graduate Research Programme in the Institute of Education at St Mary's University.  Her research interests are in the application of mental model theory in problem solving and critical pedagogy. 

Jenny Murray is a Senior Lecturer in Primary Education in the Institute of Education at St Mary's University.  She teaches on undergraduate and postgraduate Professional Studies and Masters modules.  Her research interests are related to teacher and pupil wellbeing, values-based education and intercultural understanding within education. 

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