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Applied Linguistics and Communication Webinar with Dr Beverley Costa

Venue: Online

The E’s in interviews 

Join an online public lecture where Dr Beverley Costa will be discussing how to conduct research interviews in sensitive contexts.

The lecture will be followed by a short Q&A.

This talk focuses on how to attend to equality, emotional expression, expectations, empathy, and ethics in research interviews in sensitive contexts. We consider issues of asymmetrical power dynamics in interviewing relationships. We consider how the pull of compassion can put a strain on ethical decision-making and compromise the safety of all the participants in a sensitive interview. We examine the perils as well as the benefits of empathic engagement if interviewers want to avoid their own secondary traumatisation. During the 30 minute-talk we hope that consideration of these issues will offer some answers to the question: How do we connect with people’s emotional states enough without matching their intensity?


Join our webinar by clicking on the link below at 6pm on Friday 19th June: 


Dr Beverley Costa is a Senior Practitioner Fellow in the Department of Applied Linguistics and Communication, Birkbeck. After training as a group and individual psychotherapist and psychodramatist, Beverley Costa set up Mothertongue, a culturally and linguistically sensitive therapeutic support service for people from black and minority ethnic communities. She founded the Pasalo Project in 2017, which aims to share knowledge, ideas and experience from applied linguistics, psychotherapy and social care across borders and boundaries.

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