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The BBC micro:bit meets culture at the British Museum

Venue: Birkbeck Main Building

In 2016 Dr. Charlton was commissioned by the British Museum to design and deliver several workshops and events to bring technology and culture together. This presentation will discuss the research and design in the context of learning through making, and the challenges of interdisciplinary design and research when bringing culture and science together. Her talk will present the background to the BBC micro:bit project and the broader context of learning through making, the experience of working with the British Museum when technology meets culture, and the findings emerging around the aesthetics of design in engineering and science and the importance of authenticity and purpose-led problem solving for the learner.

Bring your laptop with you as there will be an opportunity to test out the BBC micro:bit and polish up some of those programming skills and maybe some culture along the way!

Dr. Patricia Charlton
Creative Digital Solutions, Co-founder & Director
Professor of Pedagogy and Technology
IE - International Excellence (
Instituto de Empress, School of Architecture and Design, Madrid, Spain
Visiting Research Fellow at QMUL, Department of EE

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