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Feedback Authoring for Exploratory Learning Objects: AuthELO

Venue: Birkbeck Main Building

Authoring educational interactive tasks is a challenging and time-consuming endeavour particularly if they include some form of adaptive or intelligent support for the learner. While there is an abundance of tools that allow non-expert developers, such as educational designers or teachers, to author their preferred activities, these are limited to static content or to predefined question-answer activities. Authelo is a tool that can be used for the configuration of logging and authoring of automated feedback for exploratory learning objects (ELOs). This tool has been developed in the context of a larger project that is developing a platform for authoring interactive educational e-books. This platform comprises an extendable set of diverse widgets that can be used to generate instances of exploratory activities targetting various learning scenarios. AuthELO was designed to provide a simple, common and efficient authoring interface that can normalise the heterogeneity of these widgets and give the ability to non-experts to easily modify - if not program for themselves - the feedback that is provided to students based on their interaction.

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