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It's all in the mind: Unlocking the 'frozen conversation'

Venue: Birkbeck Main Building

Design-based research methods and participatory approaches in developing pedagogical experiences are frequently part of teaching and learning experiences.  The increase in digital technology usage both in and out of the classroom makes the learning journey more dynamic and potentially  more creative with the opportunity of deeper learning to take place. However, there is also more opportunities for the ‘frozen’ conversation in learning to happen. In the age of digital growth, data complexity, AI and automation there is a real danger of furthering the digital divide: disempowering our users - our learners - even ourselves!

Education is a space that can balance the opportunities and break down the barriers. But how do we put into practice all this knowledge and make this accessible to teachers, learners and educators?  There are parallels between the participatory design approach of UX and the design-based thinking approach of pedagogical experiences when we consider the use of digital technologies and learning in the broad arena of resources. The presentation will look at a some of the case studies about tangible design and learning and the exploration of the intersection between participatory design and UX experience in evaluating and designing technology for education.  When we consider these multiple dimensions of how learners may engage with learning can we be better equipped to help  learners unlock their frozen conversation? 


Dr Patricia Charlton
Creative Digital Solutions, Co-founder & Director
Professor of Pedagogy and Technology
IE - International Excellence (
Instituto de Empress, School of Architecture and Design, Madrid, Spain
Visiting Research Fellow at QMUL, Department of EE

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