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Ontology Matching : overview of state of the art – techniques & approaches

Venue: Birkbeck Main Building, Malet Street

The need to integrate and analyze large datasets is present in many fields of applications. The problem of aligning ontologies / schemas, the result of which is a set of correspondences between different representations of the real world, is at the center of the data integration process. Indeed, data integration is motivated by the strong heterogeneity of data from multiple sources and the lack of sufficient semantics to fully understand the meaning of the data. Let us mention the biomedical field where ontology alignment plays a key role in the development of biomedical research by facilitating the development of data warehouses articulated around common ontologies.

However, the ontologies to be aligned have different structures and do not use the same vocabulary (i.e., different terms to describe the same concepts) because they were designed independently by different developers according to different principles and models. Moreover, the diversity of their heterogeneity: syntactic, terminological (or lexical) and structural, as well as their size and their formats make the ontology alignment task very difficult. Ontology alignment is an active area of research because of its wide range of applications. In this presentation, we will make a panorama of the different underlying approaches and techniques by illustrating them through YAM++ a known alignment tool.


Zohra Bellahsene ( is a professor of CS at University Montpellier and a senior researcher at LIRMM. She received her PhD in CS from University of Pierre & Marie Curie Paris, in 1982 and her HDR in CS from University Montpellier in 2000. She has a long experience in database research, recently focusing on various aspects of data integration, in particular, schema matching, view management and schema and ontology matching. She has organized or chaired several international conferences and workshops, including being the PC co-chair of CoopIS2013, the PC chair of CAiSE'08, the co-chair of the XML Database Symposium (2006, 2009), and the local chair of OTM’06. She was the editor of the special issue of the DKE Journal on Data Integration over the Web in 2003. She was a co-author and co-editor of Schema and Matching and Mapping book, published in 2011 by Springer. She has been serving as PC member of major international conferences including VLDB, SIGMOD, EDBT, ICDE, CAiSE, CIKM, ESWC, ISWC, WWW conference, etc

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