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BIMI in collaboration with the Birkbeck Institute for Social Research (BISR) presents: The Arrows of Truth

Venue: Birkbeck 43 Gordon Square

The Arrows of Truth

Antonio Ribeiro, UK, 2014, 74 minutes


In 2014 Antonio Ribeiro made Justice Seekers. The film concerns the struggle of Alain and Dafroza Gauthier to have the perpetrators of the 1994 Rwandan Genocide brought to justice. It follows the Paris trial of Pascal Simbikangwa, director of Rwandan intelligence during the genocide. A few weeks afterwards Al Jazeera broadcast Justice Seekers.

However, Ribeiro continued to be exercised by the material, and troubled by the extent to which editorial choices over which he had lacked complete control had made Justice Seekers in some respects conventional in its narrative and its implications. The result was a substantially longer, re-edited version: The Arrows of Truth.

In June 2016 we got together with Antonio to conduct an interview for publication in a collection about the Rwandan Genocide and film. The interview threw up questions concerning the representation of the genocide, the legitimacy of the post-genocide regime in Rwanda, and tensions between justice and power politics, among other things. We decided to screen Arrows as part of a continuing discussion of these and other topics. Hence this session.

Those attending may wish to see Justice Seekers first. It is available online at

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