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The Past and Future of Rights Cinema Session Two

Venue: Birkbeck 43 Gordon Square

The Past and Future of Rights Cinema is an on going series aimed to create a forum for the discussion and critique of human rights films in the context of the wider critique of human rights law, politics and discourse in the Birkbeck School of Law.

Running for two days the programme consists of screenings and discussion at the Gordon Square Cinema, Birkbeck.


The Past and Future of Rights Cinema seeks to provoke discussion and debate about the impact of cinema in documenting political struggles and exposing human rights abuses and there will be a number of speakers introducing screenings and contributing sessions. Some of the issues discussed will be: What difference do films, videos and digital media make to public debates about human rights issues? How can we begin to assess the work of filmmakers and political activists using film and video to campaign for justice and democracy, or the use of digital media for human rights advocacy on the internet? Who are the subjects of human rights films and what is the nature of human rights discourse in film?

Contact name:

Contact phone: 0207 631 6115