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Our research students

Student nameStudent programmeSupervisor(s)Thesis title or description (where confirmed)
Ogechi AnokwuruPsychology ResearchBeth Grunfeld
Anne Miles
Patricia BeloePsychology ResearchNaz Derakhshan
Effects of Brief Mindfulness Meditation on Attention and Working Memory
Sam BlakemanPsychology ResearchDenis Mareschal
Mark Johnson
Elizabeth BoothPsychology ResearchIroise Dumontheil
Executive Functions in Adolescence: Influence of Technology Use - SCAMP study
Michael Thomas
Pinelopi Bounia-MastrogianniPsychology ResearchDenis Mareschal
Aislinn BowlerPsychology ResearchAngelica Ronald
Eleanor BraithwaitePsychology ResearchEmily Jones
Alicja BrzozowskaPsychology ResearchDenis Mareschal
How Touch Mediates Infant Happiness and Learning
Teodora Gliga
Carl BuncePsychology ResearchRichard Cook
Clare Press
Jason BurtonPsychology ResearchUlrike Hahn
The Post-Truth Problem: Motivated Reasoning and Social Networks
Mike Oaksford
Eugene BuyakinPsychology ResearchRick Cooper
Aude CartertonPsychology ResearchRick Cooper
Development of Goal-Directed Sequential Action Selection
Denis Mareschal
James ChardPsychology ResearchClare Press
Richard Cook
Brittney CherePsychology ResearchNatasha Kirkham
Early Development of Attention and Learning in Noisy Environments
Denis Mareschal
Paul ConwayPsychology ResearchJonathan Smith
Virginia Eatough
Susanne De MooijPsychology ResearchNatasha Kirkham
Tailoring the Individual Learning Experience
Iroise Dumontheil
Julia DurbinPsychology ResearchJonathan Smith
Virginia Eatough
Claire EssexPsychology ResearchTim Smith
Exploring the Dynamics of Attention in Interactive Technologies
Teodora Gliga
Cécile GalPsychology ResearchMarie Smith
Neural Dynamics of Motivated Learning
Teodora Gliga
Olga GolubovaPsychology ResearchMatt Longo
Methods of Investigating Tactile Perception - mechanisms underlying tactile and spatial perception
Anne Richards
Louisa GosséPsychology ResearchEmily Jones
The Role of Sleep in Early Cognitive Development
Clare Elwell
Viktoria Graepel-CsinkPsychology ResearchDenis Mareschal
Surprise-based Learning in Infancy
Teodora Gliga
Giada GuerraPsychology ResearchFred Dick

Representational Change in Individualised and Intensive Language Intervention

Adam Tierney
Simon HallPsychology ResearchMike Oaksford
Trusting testimony according to who says it, and trusting people according to what they say
Ulrike Hahn
Syreen HassanPsychology ResearchAnne Miles

Enhancing understanding of the likelihood and consequences of peripheral neuropathy following adjuvant chemotherapy for colorectal cancer

Melanie Morris
Neda HatamiPsychology ResearchJonathan Smith

How does breast cancer experience affect the sense of femininity among young women survivors?

Virginia Eatough
Laura HaversPsychology ResearchAngelica Ronald
Marie HoughtonPsychology ResearchFiona Tasker
Can emerging adulthood extend into the forties and beyond? Redefining
adulthood in the light of changing social norms and new economic realities
Jacqueline Barnes
Adam KnowlesPsychology ResearchJonathan Smith

The experience of those in the UK with the Amazonian plant medicine ayahuasca

Virginia Eatough
Anna KolesnikPsychology ResearchMark Johnson

Inhibition/excitation Balance and Social Brain Development in Human Infants

Emily Jones
Rosemary McCrackenPsychology ResearchVirginia Eatough
How Men Experience Male Breast Cancer
Jonathan Smith
Nadia NeesgaardPsychology ResearchTim Smith
Atsushi Senju
Olatz Ojinaga AlfagemePsychology ResearchMichael Thomas

The relationship between developing prenatal and postnatal brain structure and connectivity, and later neurocognitive profiles in infants with Trisomy 21 (Down Syndrome)

Eirini PapageorgopoulouPsychology ResearchEmily Jones
Janet ParsonsPsychology ResearchTeodora Gliga
Emily Jones
Kirsty PhillipsPsychology ResearchUlrike Hahn
Evaluating Testimony
Mike Oaksford
Elena PiccardiPsychology ResearchMark Johnson

The role of early mechanisms of information sampling in driving variability in brain developmental trajectories.

Teodora Gliga
Mah RanaPsychology ResearchJonathan Smith

IPA/ Caring for a Parent with Alzheimer’s: the experience and impact of co-creativity

Virginia Eatough
Claudia RedekerPsychology ResearchAnne Miles
Beth Grunfeld
Catherine RogersPsychology ResearchMichael Thomas

What is the Relationship Between Inhibitory Control and Creativity in Children?

Andy Tolmie
Alice RyleyPsychology ResearchVirginia Eatough
Lisanne SchroerPsychology ResearchDenis Mareschal
Development of Embodied Planning of Action Sequences in Pre-schoolers
Rick Cooper
Qidong SongPsychology ResearchMichael Thomas
Olga SutskovaPsychology ResearchTim Smith

The Effects of Social Co-presence on Cognitive Performance

Atsushi Senju
Marko TesicPsychology ResearchUlrike Hahn

Bayesian Argumentation via Delphi(BARD)

Emily ThomasPsychology ResearchClare Press

The Optimisation of Perception During Action

Elena ThromPsychology ResearchEmily Jones
Theodore VeniaminPsychology ResearchAnne Miles
Beth Grunfeld