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Our research students

Student nameStudent programmeSupervisor(s)Thesis title
Emad Alchikh SalehManagement ResearchKevin IbehHow is FDI into the UK affected by recent regional and global developments? The perspective of foreign investors in the manufacturing sector
Tahani AlharbiManagement ResearchHelen Lawton Smith
Rebecca Bednarek
Leader identity construction among Saudi women academics: How does readiness matter?
Konstantinos AthanasiadisManagement ResearchGeoffrey Walters
Dimitrios Koufopoulos
Looking through the process lens: Unpacking the CEO succession planning
Olayinka BandeleManagement ResearchKevin Ibeh
Sorin Piperca
An exploration of the drivers and influences on firms’ innovative practices in the Kenyan agribusiness export sector
Sebastian BooManagement ResearchPamela Yeow
Almuth McDowall
Kind and compassionate leadership in times of crisis
Laurence BorelManagement ResearchGeorge Christodoulides
Anastasia Stathopoulou
Me and my brands: drivers and outcomes of 'brand selfies'
Jacinth BoudierManagement ResearchIoanna Boulouta
Suzanne Konzelmann
Yiteng ChiangManagement ResearchQian Guo
Xiaming Liu
Understanding technology transfer: An extended resource-based view
Caroline EnnisManagement ResearchAnita Walsh
Linda Trenberth
Exploring curriculum responsiveness by English business schools: The case for postgraduate, post-experience management learning
Serpil Erdogan-AltuncevahirManagement ResearchRebecca Gumbrell-Mccormick
Horen Voskeritsian
Linda EtchartManagement ResearchDaniele Archibugi
Rebecca Gumbrell-McCormick
Indigenous peoples' rights and global governance of the environment: Case study indigenous peoples of the Ecuadorian Amazon
Athanasios FragkandreasManagement ResearchKlaus Nielsen
Helen Lawton Smith
Innovation and income inequality: An innovation systems study
Maryam GhorbankhaniManagement ResearchFederica Rossi
Marion Frenz
Exploitation of public sector R&D and the open innovation paradigm: Governance of Knowledge transfer and commercialisation within public research organisations (PROs)
Maximilian GiehrlManagement ResearchFederica Rossi
Muthu De Silva
Success Factors in the Collaboration with Innovation Intermediaries - A study in the Context of Digital Technologies
Blanca GreyManagement ResearchDaniele Archibugi
Ioanna Boulouta
The organisational dynamics of integrating corporate responsibility – a sensemaking approach
Ibrahim HaidarManagement ResearchJulian Sims
Karin Shields
The value relevance of Integrated Reporting
Karine HarutyunyanManagement ResearchSorin Piperca
Pamela Yeow
The impact of Project Managers' emotional intelligence and political skills on project performance and work relationships
Yangyang HeManagement ResearchXiaming Liu
Grace Bo Peng
The Acceptance of Chinese Technology Products in Global Markets
Elizabeth HornbyManagement ResearchRebecca Gumbrell-Mccormick
Suzanne Konzelmann
How do we talk about whistleblowing? A discursive analysis of institutionalised whistleblowing in the UK Banking industry
Panagiotis IliopoulosManagement ResearchAshok KumarCapital-labour relations in globalized capitalism. A network approach
Richard IrvingManagement ResearchGeoffrey Walters
Richard Tacon
Muhammed JamilManagement ResearchPamela Yeow
Sorin Piperca
Exploring the relationship between adaptive leadership and project success
Yunwen JiangManagement ResearchXiaming LiuWhat matters in the process of cross-border acquisitions for Chinese MNEs?
Asif KalamManagement ResearchHelen Lawton Smith
Luca Andriani
Adaptability of the Grameen microfinance model in the UK and the USA
Ayse KaptanerManagement ResearchDaniele ArchibugiHow refugee entrepreneurship is enabled in European capitals: Opportunities, challenges and impact
Stephen KatayaManagement ResearchLorenzo Neri
Ellen Yu
The impact of corporate social responsibility on firm market performance: An examination from the United Kingdom & selected continental European economies
Sarika LalManagement ResearchLuca Andriani
Richard Tacon
The Role of Social Capital in Microfinance Mechanism for Socioeconomic Development of Women in Rural India
Jingjing LiangManagement ResearchXiaming LiuThe export behaviour of Chinese firms and their networks evolution
Xiaojing LuManagement ResearchXiaming LiuMultinational enterprises and political connections
Dina MansourManagement ResearchHelen Lawton Smith
Federica Rossi
Egypt: A Fluid Institutional Affair. An Institutional Theory Interrogation of the Egyptian Business Services Sector: The Triad Relationship of Institutions, High-Growth Firms and Institutional Intermediaries
Filipe Martins GomesManagement ResearchHelen Lawton Smith
Muthu De Silva
The role of innovation intermediaries in the corporate-startup collaboration towards value creation - the Saudi Arabia case
Barbara MasonManagement ResearchFederica Rossi
Richard Tacon
Guilherme Matoso MacedoManagement ResearchFrederick Guy
Odile Janne
Essays on labour specialization: Evidence on Brazilian micro-data
Lida MetallinouManagement ResearchPaz Estrella Tolentino
Frederick Guy
Comparative Advantage, Chinese Multinational Enterprises and the One Belt One Road Initiative
Nastaran NorouziManagement ResearchFrederick Guy
Pierre Nadeau
Challenges of textile and clothing firms in the mature textile and clothing industry in the East Midlands cluster in the United Kingdom
Adedoyin OlorunfemiManagement ResearchMuthu De Silva
Helen Lawton Smith
Entrepreneurial Learning in women engaged in Interconnected Selling
Louise RedmondManagement ResearchSuzanne Konzelmann
Arron Phillips
Governing corporate culture: Board practices for long term corporate success and greater public trust in business
Jonathan SaundersManagement ResearchGeoffrey Walters
Sean Hamil
A comparative study of the evolution, development and changing framework of regulatory space in both the football and banking industries 1985-2015
Julia SchoberManagement ResearchRebecca Gumbrell-McCormick
Horen Voskeritsian
Labour mobility in the European Union: Brexit and the location choice of highly skilled young Europeans
Zehra SermanManagement ResearchJulian SimsThe effect of bloggers on consumer purchase
Reetu SoodManagement ResearchRichard Tacon
Konstantinos Chalkias
How does intersectionality influence how and why entrepreneurs form and manage multiplex ties?
David StrollManagement ResearchKlaus Nielsen
Federica Rossi
How can employees, managers and directors solve the UK Productivity Puzzle?
Irina SukiasyanManagement ResearchWendy Hein
Rebecca Gumbrell-McCormick
Discursive production and consumption of gendered humour in Post-Soviet Russia
Bethan TaylorManagement ResearchRichard TaconYou got chicked: Representations and identities of women in ultra running
Mark ThurgoodManagement ResearchMarion Frenz
Sorin Piperca
Service innovation adoption and integration - people first
Philip TurbuttManagement ResearchGeoffrey Walters
Bruno Schivinski
Ruocheng ZhaoManagement ResearchXiaming Liu
Bruno Schivinski
Guanxi consumption
Yilin ZhaoManagement ResearchXiaming LiuInstitutional entrepreneurship of China's inward foreign direct investment policy system
Chong ZhongManagement ResearchXiaming LiuThe non-market strategy in international business: a new perspective on bribery