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Routes to the PhD

We recognise that different candidates have different needs, objectives and experience. The Department of Applied Linguistics and Communication is proud to offer a flexible range of options for candidates wanting to achieve a PhD.

Option 1. The Integrated PhD

  • If you do not have a directly relevant Master's degree in applied linguistics or communication (eg you have an MA in a modern language, sociology, TESOL/ education or a Master's degree from a country where English is not the first language), we recommend our Integrated PhDs.
  • The Integrated PhDs are the same as conventional PhDs but with enhanced structured learning (ie taught modules). These taught modules will provide you with the latest knowledge of linguistics and/or communication and cover a wider range of topics to assist you in choosing an appropriate topic for your dissertation. The required length of the dissertation is shorter than that of a conventional PhD.

Option 2. The conventional PhD

  • If you have a recent, directly relevant Master's degree in applied linguistics or communication and a well-developed project for your thesis, you can do the conventional PhD.
  • Conventional PhDs are by research only. You receive personal supervision whenever appropriate from your PhD supervisor, a member of academic staff. The length of the dissertation is 100,000 words maximum. You are not required to take any taught courses, although your supervisor may recommend some courses for you to audit.
  • Note: If you are doing an MA in the department and are considering continuing to PhD studies, you may have the opportunity to move onto a Integrated PhD, provided you meet the necessary qualifying requirements. Please contact a staff member for more information.

If you are considering applying for MPhil/PhD research with a member of staff in this department, you are advised either to contact the member of staff and/or the departmental research director about your research plan before making an application.