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Our research students

Student name Title Supervisor(s)
Mohammad Alfaraj To What Extent Can Reforming Islamic Law Minimise Gulf Cooperation Council States’ Reservations to United Nations Human Rights Treaties? Bill Bowring
Silvina Alonso Grosso An Intervened Landscape: Urban Legislation and city planning in Buenos Aires during the last military dictatorship Nathan Moore
Joanna Blackwell The needs and experiences of young fathers in prison Daniel Monk, Paul Turnbull
Eglina Bubliauskaite Law and Literature in the Soviet Lithuania in 1945-1989 Maria Aristodemou, Maria Tzanakopoulou
Henrique Carvalho The stuff of copyright: a political ontology Fiona Macmillan, Piyel Haldar
Leonie Clarke Formations of Black Personhood in Common Law and Cultural Heritage; Persons or objects of Property Sarah Keenan, Stewart Motha
Sarah Corbett-Batson The criminalisation of the racialised Other: A Critical Legal Studies/ Critical Race Theory/Butlerian analysis of criminal law and evidence Nadine El-Enany, Piyel Haldar
Leticia Da Costa Paes Exhaustion of critique: jurisprudence as the practice of a life Costas Douzinas
Michael Darke Agricultural Law and Policy – Corporatism Fiona Macmillan
Oliver Gilman Delivering the Art of the Possible: The work of Government Lawyers in the making of the Civil Partnership Act 2004 and the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act 2013 Daniel Monk, Les Moran
James Godfrey How is 'Prevent' impacting free speech re Israeli Occupied Palestine within English universities and how is it being resisted? Nathan Moore, Nadine El-Enany
Tina Hartland-Swann To address the legal challenges presented by hybrid threats, the impact of influence operations, and the emergence of increasingly creative forms of modern warfare, providing a practical aid to policy-making and protection of the populace, and a greater understanding of twenty-first century Kremlin strategy. Bill Bowring
Rebecca Hudson A Legal Anthropology of Personality Disorder Rachael Dobson, Sarah Marks
Abigail Jackson Lost Property: Dispossession in East London Sarah Keenan, Jeremy Pilcher
Philipp Kender Authority and Government: Toward a Genealogy of Political Authoritarianism in Early 21st Century Europe Basak Ertur, Adam Gearey
Adimaya Keni The singular construction of crime in Britain’s ‘Colonial Laboratory’: thuggee as a motif of colonial fear Piyel Haldar, Eddie Bruce-Jones
Alexandra Koenig The Family Must Be Defended: The Hegemonic Biography of Migrant Family Life Tanya Serisier, Nadine El-Enany
Shailesh Kumar Access to justice and Sexual Violence against Children in India: An Empirical Study of the Reforms under the POCSO (Protection of Children from Sexual Offences) Act 2012 Les Moran, Jessica Jacobson
Kumari Lane Climate Change ‘Refugees and Refugee' Law: Viewed Through a Postcolonial Lens Nadine El-Enany, Sarah Keenan
Shemi Leira The role of CPO processes in housing estate regeneration and compatibility with the compelling public interest in London/Lambeth.  Sarah Keenan, Paul Watt
Christopher Lloyd Derrida’s Law as Autoimmune Oscar Guardiola-Rivera
Tatiana Lynn Makhoul TBC Fiona Macmillan
Mercedes Malcomson A socio-legal enquiry into approaches to culture and international law in Russia’s community of human rights defenders Bill Bowring, Agnieszka Kubal 
Paddy McDaid TBC Costas Douzinas, Stewart Motha
Gabriella McGrogan The Ironies of the Digital Image: Weaponising digital witnessing Bernard Keenan, Tanya Serisier
Athina Michalakea Legal Frame and Cultural Representations of Sex Work in contemporary Greece Elena Loizidou, Maria Tzanakopolou
Crina Morteanu The “necessity” component of the test of proportionality under the margin of appreciation doctrine at the European Court of Human Rights. The case of the Roma in Europe Eddie Bruce-Jones
Sabrina Neves “Forbidden territory” The principle of juror confidentiality and the investigation of juror impropriety John Hough, Jessica Jacobson
Eleni Papakonstantinou The biopolitics of a contemporary witch-hunt: the prosecution of HIV positive sex- workers in Greece, 2012 Basak Ertur
Ali Raiss-Tousi The concept of aggression in international law Bill Bowring
Alper Ral Property and Potential Nathan Moore
Moniza Rizzini Ansari Legal Aesthetics of Poverty: mediating knowledge and intervention Costas Douzinas, Oscar Guardiola-Rivera
Abu Reza Impact of Beccaria in England
Lizzette Robleto De Howarth The 1986 US v Nicaragua International Court of Justice (ICJ) case continues to be relevant to international lawyers since it showcases the abuse of covert operations and misuse of international economic mechanisms, such as economic sanctions, in the pursuit of an imperialistic foreign policy. It is emblematic of the tension between US foreign policy, US constitutionalism and international law Oscar Guardiola-Rivera, Fiona Macmillan
Nadeem Saeed Is digital evidence presenting new challenges to the complainant’s right to privacy in rape cases? Tanya Serisier
Rebecca Seglow Hudson A Legal Anthropology of Personality Disorder Rachael Dobson, Sarah Marks
David Thomas Human Rights; Winstanley & Hobbes; Foucault & Ranciere Nathan Moore
Yvonne Thomas What kind of British citizen does a black pupil need to become to conform to parliamentary committees and government ministers’ views on citizenship as expressed through initiatives in citizenship education between 2001 and 2013? Eddie Bruce-Jones
Shimie Umaru Neo-colonialism and Intellectual Property Rights: An Examination of Intellectual Property Regime in Africa (Case Study Kenya) Fiona Macmillan
Luiz Valle Junior Emancipation in queer theory and psychoanalysis: queerness, futurity and the insistence of subjectivity Eddie Bruce-Jones
John Van Houcke The right to ongoing self-determination: developing a contemporary standard to measure the legitimacy of sovereignty Bill Bowring
Calvin Wells Mad about the boy: Historical concepts of virtus Romana, duty and office to create the ideal holder of public office Eddie Bruce-Jones, Piyel Haldar
Jonathan Wheale Family Magistrates and Adjudicating Welfare (provisional) Amy Kirby, Daniel Monk
Xiaoxi Xue Marxism and the right to development in Mao’s China Oscar Guardiola-Rivera, Adam Gearey
Roberto Vilchez Yamato Before the and of the world: a decolonial deconstruction of the interdisciplinary study of International Law and International Relations Oscar Guardiola-Rivera, Kojo Koram
Ceylan Yildiz ‘Murderer state will be held to account’: The myth of the state and its violence Basak Ertur, Elena Loizidou