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The City of Rome: People, Monuments and Material Culture


  • Credit value: 30 credits at Level 7
  • Convenor: Philippa Walton
  • Assessment: a presentation and summary (25%) and 4000-word essay (75%) plus 60% attendance requirement (0%)

Module description

This module will explore the archaeology of imperial Rome. It will critically examine a range of approaches to the study of the city before focusing specifically on the lived experience of its inhabitants between the first and fourth centuries AD. Using a full range of archaeological evidence, it will assess not only how people built and interacted with the city’s impressive architecture and political monuments, but how and where they worked, ate, worshipped and died. Particular emphasis will be placed on integrating material evidence including coins and small finds into our study, and we will also assess the contribution of environmental and osteo-archaeological data.

This module will equip you with a wide-ranging knowledge of the archaeology of the city of Rome throughout the imperial period. You will engage with a range of theoretical debates current in Roman archaeology and will be able to understand, evaluate and use a variety of ancient sources.