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Project BSc Geology


  • Credit value: 60 credits
  • Tutor: Steve Hirons or Professor Gerald Roberts
  • Assessment: a 5000-word literature review, progress report and plan (25%), oral presentation (15%) and a 15,000-word project report (60%)

Module description

This module will give you experience of independent work on a topic of geological interest, normally including at least 18 days of field mapping and six days of some other type of field work (e.g. sedimentary logging) and the preparation of a scientific report.

You will be expected to choose a topic in consultation with a supervisor, who will also give instructions regarding field techniques and any laboratory work that is required for the project. Most of the work will be done independently.

If field work/mapping is involved, two copies of 1:10 000 maps of the field area will be supplied by the School of Earth Sciences. If thin sections or laboratory analyses are necessary, these will be done in the School after consultation with your supervisor. You may be required to pay for the cost of other materials used in the project.

Learning objectives

By the end of this module, you will have:

  • knowledge and understanding of the basic tenets of the particular area of geology for the project
  • developed hypothesis and testing skills through analysis of the data obtained for your project, theoretical understanding of relevant concepts, critically assessed results and outcomes and experience of real situations during the project work
  • collected and analysed data relevant to the area of geology related to your project using a variety of research techniques
  • critically assessed the quality of the scientific method, data, results, conclusions and implications of relevant studies.