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International Sport Law


  • Credit value: 15 credits at Level 7
  • Convenor: Sean Hamil
  • Tutor: Craig Prescott
  • Assessment: coursework of up to 2500 words (25%) and a two-hour examination (75%)

Module description

The aim of the module is to develop your critical appreciation of the interaction between sport and the law. The module assumes that you have no background in law. It therefore aims to familiarise non-lawyers with the key principles underpinning sports law and its practice. It also considers how the business and operating environment of sports organisations is influenced by sports law and its practice. This will help you make informed management decisions.

The core lecture/seminar discussion activity on the module will be supplemented by presentations from a range of guest speakers from the sport industry and the legal profession who are working on various applications of the law as it applies to the sport system.

indicative module Content

  • Regulatory frameworks in sport at national and international levels
  • Commercial law and sport
  • Intellectual property, image rights and sport
  • Broadcasting and media rights in sport
  • Employment law and contracts in sport
  • Disciplinary proceedings in sport
  • Anti-doping and integrity in sport
  • European Union law and sport
  • The operation of the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS)

Learning objectives

By the end of this module, you will be able to:

  • explicate the regulatory framework of international sport and the sources and structure of law within
  • analyse significant features of the problems of the law intervening in sport
  • evaluate and analyse the dispute resolution process with a particular focus on the CAS and mechanics available to challenge the decision of sport governing bodies at domestic level
  • assess the growing relationship of the EU with sport and evaluate the application of the European law to sport
  • analyse relevant employment law provisions and assess their applicability to sports and the law
  • understand relevant contract law and evaluate its applicability to sports and their commercial nature
  • provide a concise overview of current key legal issues in sport and case law within the international arena.