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Understanding Culture: Language and Texts


Module description

This module will provide you with an introduction to what it means to study languages and cultures. We will explore the interdisciplinary and cross-cultural nature of language and cultural study by focusing on different kinds of text - literary, filmic, historical, visual - from a variety of different cultural contexts: French-, German-, Portuguese and Japanese-speaking. You will learn about the practical and theoretical tools you need to engage with these texts and the cultural contexts which produced them and to work with these tools in your own writing.

Indicative module content

  • Introduction to Studying Languages and Cultures
  • Order of Discourse
  • Microhistory
  • Cultural History and Sociology of Culture
  • Culture and Marxism
  • Languages, Cultures and Literature
  • Reading Kafka
  • Languages, Cultures and Film
  • Watching Fassbinder
  • Watching Almodóvar
  • Visual Cultures: Understanding 'the Visual'
  • Visual Cultures: a Critical Approach
  • Self-fashioning Images: Andean Photographs
  • In and Out of Focus: Imagined Modernities in Brazil
  • Questioning Photojournalism: Sebastião Salgado’s Latin American Visions