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Cities and Urban Inequalities


Module description

This module provides a critical understanding of the various ways that the city is theorised, imagined, represented and experienced. The thematic focus is on how and why urban inequalities occur both socially (eg class, poverty, race and gender) and spatially (eg racial segregation, marginality and gentrification) in contemporary cities. The module also examines urban regeneration policies and programmes such as the Olympic Games. Research examples will primarily be drawn from European and North American cities, although reference will also be made to cities in the Global South. The module draws upon the co-ordinator’s publications and research in the field of urban studies.

Indicative module content

  • Modern and postmodern cities - from Chicago to LA
  • Global cities
  • Racial segregation and the multi-ethnic city
  • Urban poverty in Europe and the US
  • Homelessness and the city
  • Social housing and urban regeneration
  • The Olympic Games and urban regeneration
  • Gentrification
  • Urban political activism
  • Urban riots