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Cultural Identity and the Media


Module description

This module aims to introduce you to some key cultural theories, schools of thought and methods informing media and cultural studies. It does so with particular reference to the interventions of feminism and postcolonial theory, examining the challenges these perspectives have posed to 'traditional' theoretical paradigms.

Teaching and learning involves a variety of methods including presentations, pair/group work, class discussions, screenings, independent study outside of class, oral presentation of research projects (not assessed) and individual tutorials.

Indicative module content

  • Introduction to Cultural Identity and the Media
  • Marxism and culture - from orthodox Marxism to the Frankfurt School
  • Developments within Marxism - Althusser and Gramsci and Semiotics
  • Post-structuralism
  • The ‘cultural turn’ in media studies - the Birmingham School
  • Postmodernism and media
  • Essentialist and Constructionist conceptions of identity
  • Feminism, media and identity
  • Masculinity, sexuality and media
  • Constructing and representing ‘race’
  • Postcolonial theory - constructing the ‘Other’
  • Cultural identity and news media
  • Researching culture and media
  • Media audiences