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Journalism in British Life


  • Credit value: 30 credits at Level 4
  • Convenor: Professor Tim Markham (subject to change)
  • Assessment: a 1200-word writing exercise (20%), 1500-word essay (30%) and 2500-word essay (50%)

Module description

This module seeks to understand the role that the contemporary news media play in social, cultural and political life of Britain. It provides you with an introduction to how distinctly British styles of journalism have developed historically, their current shape and where they may be going. This will involve a focus not only on the press, but also broadcast, digital and social media.

The module is organised around key themes, which together provide insights into: the main genres of British journalism; theoretical perspectives which have been employed for understanding them; and some of the prime issues facing journalists, audiences and amateur news producers today.

While taking this module, you will need to make an effort to follow the news closely, try out different newspapers, broadcasters and websites, and report back any thoughts about different forms of media, overall trends and your own media consumption.

Indicative content

  • Journalism and Britishness
  • Mapping the media
  • Journalism in history
  • Politics and public life
  • Communicating complexity
  • Culture, high and low
  • Institutions, industries, work
  • Power and persuasion
  • Consumerism and information overload
  • Citizen journalism and social media