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Project BSc Geology


  • Lecturers: Steve Hirons and Dr Gerald Roberts
  • Credits: 30
  • Assessment: the quality of the project and report is assessed by the examiners, supplemented by an oral examination by the two external examiners.

Module description

To give students experience of independent work on a topic of geological interest, normally including some field work (e.g., sedimentary logging) and the preparation of a scientific report. A project will normally be taken by students who are unable to undertake a map and thesis, or for whom a project would be more appropriate. Each student will be allocated a supervisor who will be responsible for advice on all aspects of the course.

Learning objectives

Knowledge and understanding in the context of the subject

Knowledge and understanding of the basic tenets of the particular area of geology for the project. Hypothesis development and testing skills through analysis of the data obtained for their project, theoretical understanding of relevant concepts, critical assessment of results and outcomes and experience of real situations during the project work.

Subject-specific practcal/professional skills

Collect and analyse data relevant to the area of geology related to their project using a variety of research techniques. The student will be able to critically assess the quality of the scientific method, data, results, conclusions and implications of relevant studies.

General/transferable skills (including key skills)

Scientific writing, comprehension of scientific data and papers; manipulation of data using relevant software/research techniques; independent study; IT skills and confidence in their abilities to follow a problem through to its end.

Supplementary information

Content and organisation

Students will be expected to choose a topic in consultation with a supervisor, who will also give instructions regarding field techniques and any laboratory work that is required for the project. Most of the work will be done independently. If field work/mapping is involved, two copies of 1:10 000 maps of the field area will be supplied by the School of Earth Sciences. If thin sections or laboratory analyses are necessary, these will be done in the School after consultation with the supervisor. Students may be required to pay for the cost of other materials used in the project. Time spent on the project will normally be equivalent to that expected for the map and thesis. The project report will normally be up to 15,000 words.


Students will be allocated a project and a supervisor normally early in the second year and should begin their work on the project in the summer vacation, making their own arrangements.

Recommended reading

Students are expected to be familiar with the literature relating to their topic. A handbook with guidelines about undertaking projects and writing reports is available from the department.